At Nicolet Plastics, we manufacture TIME!  In fact, everything we do is about time! We deliver Total Product Solutions for many of the nation’s largest and most successful companies. If someone gave you a week of  Time, what  would you do with it? That’s just what we’ve done for a majority of our customers, and we are on track to do it again! We’ve accomplished this with our commitment to being Fast, Fluid and Flexible with our implementation of Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM). If you need an injection molder who values your time, then Nicolet Plastics should be your first choice.


Mercury Marine

“Mercury Marine is very selective in who they use as suppliers. Companies must meet the high quality standards and flexibility that Mercury Marine requires.  Nicolet Plastics has consistently met these criteria.

Nicolet Plastics and Mercury Marine engineering and purchasing departments worked together to redesign and prototype an existing part. Each prototype met all the specialized criteria, and through combined innovation Nicolet Plastics was able to move the part into production. The cost came in very low, allowing Mercury Marine to save money and use a better quality part.

Nicolet Plastics adapts very quickly to change, can do custom work and provides each client with the personal attention they deserve.”

Matt Demmin
Packaging Engineer
Mercury Marine


MRI Devices

“The first project I ever worked on with Nicolet Plastics, Inc. was in the mid 80’s, and since then the partnership has only grown stronger. NPI is willing to try anything to produce the results the client is looking for. They are on the cutting edge with tooling, equipment and design capabilities. Their design review team provides excellent input; they are creative solution-finders and are very easy to work with. NPI delivers a timely response on product and a quick turn around on tools.

When challenged with difficult mold designs NPI is able to simplify the process, thereby reducing costs. Utilizing their in-house rapid prototype machine allows the toolmaker to better understand how the tool needs to be created. One quality control advantage that NPI provides for the customer is their storyboards, which detail the proper measurements and color specifications of each piece. Through this self-certification process, NPI offers customers the assurance of knowing that each piece is manufactured to exact specifications. I have come to expect that quality work will always be there. You don’t realize how good NPI is until you try to compare quality and price somewhere else.From the President of the company to the guys in shipping, the folds at NPI are host, hardworking and down to earth, some of the best people I’ve ever worked with.”

Dean Walters
Project Manager, Mechanical Engineering
MRI Devices


Quest Technologies

“I have been working with Nicolet Plastics for 13 years and have never been disappointed. The people at Nicolet Plastics have a true open door policy, and extreme flexibility. They want to be involved in the entire process of your project so they can truly understand the objectives that need to be fulfilled.  In my experience, it is rare to find a plastic injection molding company that has the combination of in-house tooling and molding that they do. The quality produced is phenomenal.

NPI is an outstanding company. They are knowledgeable, easy to work with, provide exceptional customer service, produce high quality parts, provide flexible lead times, are always competitive on price and do precision color matching work.”

Nicolet Plastics is a cutting edge company that is always willing to take on a challenge.”

Pat Kilps
Engineering Manager
Quest Technologies

Bestt Liebco Corporation

“A few years ago, we were using a particular supplier for molded plastic parts. One day we received a call from a mutual associate telling us that our supplier had passed away. After six years of doing business with this man, we had been told that his building was being closed, sold, and we should come get our tooling and whatever products where there.

So, I gave Doug a call and asked him to meet me down at the ship, not knowing what we were going to be walking into. What a surprise! There was oil all over the floor and the machinery was ancient. We had no idea how this man was able to produce as many parts as he did, and for so many customers. He was obviously a one man show.”

Once we had indetified the products, molds and tooling pieces that were ours, we had to figure out a way to get them out.  Doug and I managed to obtain a forklift from one of the neighboring companies just so we could move some of the debris to make room to work.  One of our molds had practically melted into the press and it took three men and whatever rusty old tools we could get our hands on to free it.  I had never seen such a collection of old tools, parts and molds in my life.”

To this day, Doug and I joke about the two days we spent retrieving Bestt Liebco materials and what a job it was.  When you think about Customer Service, you appreciate a friendly voice at the end of the line, prompt delivery times and flexible production lines.  But, ‘above and beyond,’ is what Doug and Nicolet Plastics do everyday. They give us nothing less and it’s what we’ve come to expect. Top notch engineering & tooling departments, competitive pricing and continual operations upgrades make Nicolet Plastics one of the best companies I have ever worked with.”

Gerald E. Stephens
Vice President & General Manager
Bestt Liebco Corporation