Plastic Injection Molding

At Nicolet Plastics, we monitor each step in the manufacturing and workflow process in real time with automated precision systems. Unmatched quality and quick turn-around on plastic injection parts are our leading custom plastic injection molding principles.

Tool Transfer Checklist for Plastic Injection Molding

What is plastic injection molding? Let us provide you with an introduction to our proven method of injection mold plastic part making. We ensure manufacturing efficiency, product quality and quick turn around through:

  • Injection plastic molding presses outfitted with mold temperature controllers
  • Aluminum injection molds
  • Thermoplastic injection molding options
  • All-electric and energy-efficient precision plastic injection presses
  • Multi-cavity molds that save on production costs
  • Servo and hybrid robots that reduce labor and direct labor costs
  • Overhead mold placement for quick changeovers and lower set-up costs
  • Sprue pickers
  • Dryers for moisture-sensitive resin types
  • Critical color control via digital precision color feeders and color monitoring system review
  • Central water-cooled chiller system to ensure consistent process temperatures
  • Centralized vacuum material handling system that eliminates contamination and reduces set-up time by 80 percent
  • IQ enterprise – MRP system, a real-time manufacturing application that monitors quality for all machines

Insert Molding

At Nicolet Plastics, creativity leads to savings. An insert can hold hidden plastic injection molding costs, especially in the materials chosen. For those parts requiring inserts, we offer unique solutions that reduce costs. We also offer manual or robotic loading of the insert followed by precise plastic injection to produce a seamless combination.

Over Molding

Nicolet Plastics is over the top when it comes to overmolding, offering you options that suit your plastic product design needs. We offer specialized overmolding options that wed different polymers into customized designs that soar.

Commodity Resins

What we know about resin types can save you time and money. At Nicolet Plastics, we understand that resin selection impacts cost, quality and performance. We provide you with a wide variety of commodity and thermoplastic resins to select from so that the chosen polymers deliver the results you expect in a cost-effective manner.

Engineering Resins

When you need more from your plastics, we have the thermoplastic and engineering resins to make that happen. Nicolet Plastics offers a wide range of engineering resins designed to withstand higher stresses and temperatures and for use in more demanding applications.

Scientific Molding

Our advanced, automated manufacturing processes ensure repeatability and consistency. That means the product we make for you today, is the product we make for you tomorrow.

In-Mold Decoration

Dress up your parts without dressing down your budget at Nicolet Plastics. In-mold decoration is ideal for high-quantity production because it sports a lower cost.