Improving Designs with Product Development Engineering

At Nicolet Plastics, we work with you to revolutionize your part design. In order to make the manufacture of the product as efficient and cost-effective as possible, we:

  • Design a cost-effective, high-precision tool in-house to fit your design
  • Develop an automated manufacturing process specific to your needs
  • Conduct mold flow analysis to address warpage problems and stress areas

Our engineering team ensures each of these objectives is complete before taking even the first step in production. By eliminating the imperfections from the process in advance, we save you time and money. Better yet – we eliminate product variability with automated processes that make engineered precision our standard.

We ensure the process is as cost effective as possible without compromising the quality of the products, and we achieve this though our powerful combination of innovative engineering and cutting edge product development. We understand that the engineers of our clients may not be well-versed in plastics, and we use our expertise to help them discover alternative designs, materials and production methods to ensure an efficient process and top quality product.