Mold Flow

At Nicolet Plastics, our in-house custom injection molding and mold building capabilities are key to meeting our clients’ deadlines and exceeding all expectations. Within our 41,000 square foot production facility, we complete injection molding and over molding operations, as well as secondary machining. We also keep a substantial inventory of materials on-hand in order to quickly meet our clients’ customized and deadline-driven orders.

Diligence on the front end means saved time and costs on the back end.

Prior to production, Nicolet Plastics conducts mold flow analysis (see below) as part of the product development process. Mold flow analysis shows the last areas of the part to fill, how the material will orient with the mold,  and exposes potential warp and stress points.  It’s a proactive step that provides engineering predictive analysis and measurement and allows for easy determination of the success or failure of a part or project.

When companies do not provide this service, it can lead to re-engineering on the backend of the tooling costs. Mold flow is an aid in the development of optimal gate location and size. It allows us to identify stress areas and increase radii in order to eliminate those stress points and perfect the tool before the final stages. Ultimately, the product development and mold flow analysis work completed by Nicolet Plastics prior to production ensures our clients get products to market faster and with less cost.

Nicolet Plastics provides the information and guidance you need to make informed decisions before production starts. We believe that saving money doesn’t have to be expensive.


Mold Flow Analysis