Nicolet Plastics University

The overall goal of this program is to provide our customers with guidance and greater understanding of Plastics Injection Molding, aiding in Engineering Design and Design for Manufacturability.

  • Provides information to define the project expectations / objectives.
  • Information assures that future projects are more accurate by bringing all disciplines together, from the design through production.
  • Helps to eliminate lost time as questions are answered up front.
  • Helps to insure that tools are specified correctly based on the project requirements and life expectancy.

With over 140,000 materials and combinations of materials, the nuances of plastics injection molding are ever changing. There are a wide variety of choices and alternative equivalents available. The course helps aid in selection of plastics for material performance

This proprietary course provides our customers with an interactive, educational program that allows engineering and purchasing to stay current with the changes in plastics injection molding technology and identify “what is possible” and “what is critical” in the manufacturing of their projects.

Some of the areas covered are:

  • Injection Molding 101
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Tooling Grades/ Classifications and Warranties
  • The RFQ Process
  • Source Tooling and the Conservation of Financial Resources
  • Moldflow and the advantages of Predictive Modeling
  • Value Added Services
  • Tooling Grades / Classifications and Warranties
  • Value Added Services