About Nicolet Plastics

About Nicolet Plastics

Nicolet Plastics serves its ever-growing customer base from a 41,000 square-foot production facility in Mountain, Wisconsin, and from a 31,000 square-foot facility in Jackson, WI. Nicolet Plastics is a supplier of choice for many well-known companies who require expertise in the molding of complex parts out of both commodity and engineered resins. Its customer base includes equipment manufacturers in commercial goods, industrial products, medical equipment, and sporting goods industries.

Recently awarded the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award (small business category), Nicolet Plastics has long been recognized for its impeccable performance, highly cross-trained workforce, and customer education program. Nicolet also won a 2016 Insight Innovation Award for its employee training programs.

The Mountain facility operates 19 presses from 30-610 Tons with mold temperature controllers and monitoring software. Semi- and fully-automated processes are integrated into mold operations to support low costs and competitive lead times. As a Carbon 3D production partner, customers can take advantage of tooling-free prototypes and low-volume production with Carbon’s exclusive technology that produces high-quality, end-use parts. The parts are comparable to thermoplastic injection molding and are created in mere minutes, versus hours. Read more here.

History of Nicolet Plastics

Its founders began as a mold-making company and formed a plastic molding division in the late 1980s before bringing both operations together to form Nicolet Plastics in 1986. Nicolet has come a long way since those humble beginnings while drawing on its tool-making past and its ability to create solutions for its diverse customer base. The tool-making shop still plays a key role in maintaining clients’ molding tools and helping improve the design of the plastic parts.


CNR Plastics Jackson Facility

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