Injection Molding Services

Product Development Engineering

Driven to achieve customer intimacy, we wish to fully understand your needs and deliver solutions you’ll value. Like better parts at lower costs. Or alternative materials choices that lower cost without compromising quality. Plus, we’ll help you avoid common manufacturability and defect pitfalls. Experience, early design involvement, and an engineering team willing to go the extra mile makes all the difference.

In addition to plastic part and tool design review, we take the following steps to assure a smooth product launch:

  • Conduct mold flow analysis to address potential warpage problems and stress areas
  • Source appropriate tooling with your product life expectancy, either in-house or through our trusted tooling suppliers (both domestic and offshore)
  • Develop an automated manufacturing process specific to your needs
  • Total product management with real-time status updates via PM Smartsheet


Project Management (PM) SmartSheet

Great communication underlies all successful product launches. We use Smartsheet to streamline updates and project management by providing a real-time view of tasks across the entire process Smartsheet is easy to use with a familiar, spreadsheet-like user interface.

Adding Value to Your Product Development

Here’s how provide you with a solid experience:

  • Provide design consultation to meet your specific characteristics (aesthetic, regulatory, durability…)
  • Suggest alternative materials that offer comparable or superior characteristics at lower costs without sacrificing quality.
  • Engineer cost out of your part and tool.
  • Identify opportunities to replace metal with plastic parts to improve cost, performance or manufacturing times.
  • Conduct mold flow analysis/simulation at the first stage of new tool construction to achieve a smooth product launch.
  • Source appropriate tooling with your product life expectancy, either in-house or through our trusted tooling suppliers, both domestic and offshore.
  • Provide responsive service, shorter lead times, managed inventory, and value-added services that enable you reduce vendors and overhead costs
  • Provide customers with free injection molded plastics training via Nicolet Plastics University