Nicolet Plastics has developed expertise in providing reliable EMI/RFI shielding in applications where electromagnetic compatibility is required. In working with specialty compounds and unique processes, Nicolet is providing customers intrinsically safe products that metals are unable to achieve. In addition, this approach removes the cost and secondary processes of coatings, saving customers weeks of time to finished product.

We are finding that new regulations are driving new expectations and requirements for designers and manufacturers to integrate shielding into product designs.

EMI shielding can provide protection to components from incoming EMI, and RF. Multiple compounds allow designers to achieve the expectations required, and provide flexibility in design that traditional coating methods limit. Nicolet has provided cost and time savings opportunities to customers through introducing stainless steel fiber with the plastic compounds, providing the shielding required.

Opportunities abound to incorporate flame and wear additives to meet your application requirements while decreasing lead times.

Mining, Agriculture, Medical, Electronics, Energy, and the Industrial OEM marketplaces are all opportunities for incorporating EMI and RF shielding, as more and more equipment is connected and powered every day.

If you are interested in learning more about Nicolet Plastics, Inc. and our success with providing injection molded plastic parts with shielding built into the component, please contact us.